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Bath & Body Fragrance Oil

Remember that “Tahitian Moon” song by Porno For Pyros? Wtf, you ask? Ok, either you’re really young or have better taste in music than I do. I actually don’t even…

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Hair Care Serum Styling Treatment

I’m baaaack like the always crazy Randy Quaid in Independence Day. Hopefully no kamikaze business necessary, but hi all! Did you miss me? Crickets… Ok…so for those of you reading this (my…

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Femilady Sez

You know I love Lady Eldridge  (aka Her Royal Highness of Makeupville) and her practical and wieldy tutorials. She doesn’t use all ridiculously expensive products either, which is pretty rad considering she likely…

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Makeup Makeup Tips & Tricks

Face Makeup Makeup Tips & Tricks

It’s cold(er) outside (ok not in LA, but I’m sure elsewhere), and boy is my dry-prone skin feeling it. I’ve armored myself with some pretty awesome new moisturizers–posts to come…

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Exfoliant Skin Care Treatment

Healthcare Makeup Skincare Tips & Tricks

Face Makeup Moisturizer Skin Care Sunscreen Treatment

Bath & Body Health Oil Positive Vibes from Capt. Hippie Serum/Oil Skin Care Skincare Tips & Tricks

Face Makeup

I’m all about red lips in the winter. When my skin is a bit fairer, the orange and coral toned lips aren’t as cute as when I’m sporting a tan.…

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Lips Makeup

Conditioner Hair Care Shampoo Styling

Watching the Golden Globes last Sunday reminded me that I am so damn pale. Yes, it’s my fault for living under a blanket of clouds 3/4 of the year in…

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Face Makeup Makeup Tips & Tricks